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Epoxy Floors Coating was the answer

Our client approached us looking for a solution, to the problem, at their Philadelphia based warehouse. The problem was that the warehouse felt dingy and dirty. No matter how many lights they installed it still felt dark and tired. In fact, it didn't matter how many times they cleaned the floor it still was an embarrassment when someone visited the facility. There is also a lot of pitting which caused the floor scrubber to leave little puddles behind too. Overall the Philadelphia warehouse floor was a complete mess.

After interviewing our client and walking around the warehouse we proposed a few different flooring options across a handful of different budget ranges. We proposed something as simple as a grinding the floor and installing a clear epoxy or urethane sealer, Another option was to install a colored epoxy floor (which is what was selected), Other options were an epoxy floor with flake and polished concrete.

Epoxy Floor with color...

Our client chose an Epoxy floor with color. One reason is that a one color epoxy floor would give them a very clean look. The floor will be smooth and the color would be uniform. Solid color epoxy floor allows the floor to be patched and it will not show the patch work like a clear epoxy or polished concrete would. Epoxy floors reflect a lot of light. Cleaning epoxy floors is simple and cost effective. Epoxy floors are durable and can withstand fork lift and vehicle traffic. Most importantly epoxy floors fit the budget.

The installation of the epoxy floor consisted of an epoxy based vapor barrier, a coat of 100% solid epoxy in medium grey and a urethane top coat. The installation was completed in just a couple of days with little interruption to their business. In fact, we completed the floor one day faster than originally projected.

Now with the epoxy floor installed the warehouse is nice and bright. They are able to keep the floor clean with a routine floor scrubber. They were able to unhook some of the overhead lights, as well, and our saving money on electricity. Most importantly the epoxy floor came in at the budget they had.

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